Ribbon and Trim and Twine, Oh my!

Ribbon and Trim and Twine, Oh my!

Ribbon, trim and twine are everyday items that we have around the house and are used for a variety of practical purposes. What you may not realize is that these three items can also take your decorating up a notch – and I will show you how!

Ribbon comes in so many sizes, colors and materials and can be used with any décor and for any season. It is a great way to dress up a simple candle by tying a single piece of ribbon around it. Or you can wrap several pieces of different types and tones of ribbon to add more color and style. Try winding it in stripes or on a diagonal or crisscross it for more texture. Then place a set of three to five decorated candles on some craft paper for a vignette on a table or mantle. (See the picture at the top of this blog).

You can also wrap a piece of seasonal ribbon around a lamp shade to add some flair to the room or tie a gorgeous piece of ribbon around one of your decorator statues, the top of a shelf or a candlestick. Ribbon adds a touch of color to any room and brings the season home.

Trim was once reserved for sewing projects, but it can also be used to quickly and inexpensively spice up your home décor. Wrapping a piece of textured trim around a plain candle makes it look like a special decorator piece. Adding trim to plain pillows and throws gives them a custom look or add seasonal (removable) trim to curtains or drapes to highlight a special time of year.

Twine is not just for tying up packages – it also has decorating qualities. Wrap it several times around a candle and secure an image from a favorite greeting card, one or multi-layered pieces of craft paper or even a photograph, to personalize it. Natural-colored twine goes with any color scheme and adds a rustic touch to your home.

When you want to celebrate the season or just add a little flair to your home, what can you do with ribbon, trim and twine?

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