Serviettes, S’il vous plaît?

Serviettes, S’il vous plaît?

As you know by now, I love re-purposing items. Recently I was looking at some of the vintage serving pieces that I had in my collection and wondered if they would work as garlands. At first, I thought I could hang them from some ribbon but instead I used the serving pieces as the main horizontal piece and voilà, it worked! Some of the components I added include old bracelets, earrings, holiday ornaments, and even a brioche pan along with some ribbon. Since I love the combination of fabric and metal, I decided to make a tassel using ribbon, fabric, jewelry and pieces of chain with a vintage thimble on top. I knew that I needed a special name for it, so I asked my mom and she suggested Serviette.  It is the french word for  napkin, but I took some creative license to describe my garlands made from serving pieces. The first one, shown on the right I named Celebrate Serviette.

Of course, I had to make second one, and since it was getting close to the 4th of July, I used a vintage pie server. For this one I incorporated some jewelry-making techniques and added beads and pearls along with the homemade tassel. I named it July Serviette.  It is shown below, on the left. I already have the next five Serviettes figured out and can’t wait to make some for the holidays. What else can you make from serving pieces?


By the way, since I last wrote, I went to Galapagos! It was my lifetime dream and I am so grateful that I was finally able to go. The best part was seeing the Blue Footed Booby. Here’s one of the pictures I took. Isn’t he just adorable? These birds are so joyful and oh my gosh, how about those blue feet? I am so inspired by nature and its beautiful creatures and we are so fortunate to have opportunities to see and appreciate them. I decided to celebrate my trip with a tattoo of two blue webbed feet on my left wrist. And who knows, maybe there is a Blue Footed Booby Serviette in my future. Stay tuned!

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